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Whatever reason is bringing you together, at Bi-Rite we think every gathering is an opportunity to nourish and inspire your guests. Which is why we specialize in providing amazingly delicious, healthful food to make your meal a memorable, treasured experience for everyone.

Our delicious menu of platters, boxed lunches, and desserts are available for delivery and drop off. We also offer a 10% discount to 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Click here to request a nonprofit discount.


Bi-Rite Catering’s menus feature local, responsibly sourced ingredients from our favorite farms and producers. We love including these partners on our menus because it creates a uniquely San Francisco culinary experience and celebrates the Bay Area’s bounty.

  • Straus Family Creamery

    Petaluma and Rohnert Park, CA

    Albert Straus is known for founding the first 100% certified organic creamery in the country and for his commitment to harvesting through sustainable practices. In fact, he’s combating climate change by using the world’s first full-scale electric feed truck, powered by cow manure, on the Straus Dairy Farm. Straus organic dairy products are incredibly delicious and full of flavor, and we use their organic milk, cream, and eggs in many of our recipes, including our ice cream.

    Straus Family Creamery

    Albert Straus among dairy cows
  • Belfiore Cheese Co.

    Berkeley, CA

    Belfiore Cheese is one of the few remaining small, family-owned cheese creameries in the Bay Area. Established in 1987, Belfiore was the first pioneers to produce hand crafted Italian-style mozzarella in America. Its Fior di Latte is bright, rich, and creamy, making it an incredible ingredient in several of our seasonal Catering dishes. Today, Belfiore continues traditional cheese making techniques, without any additives or preservatives, cultivating the homemade-style quality cheese they’re beloved for.

  • Cabot Creamery

    Waitsfield, VT

    Founded in Vermont in 1919, today Cabot Creamery operates as co-operative owned by 800 dairy farms located throughout New York and New England. Recognized as the world’s first dairy co-op to become a Certified B Corporation, Cabot is committed to fostering connections, caring for the land, and sustaining natural resources, all of which help them produce long-lasting, complex flavors in the cheeses we feature such as the Vintage Cheddar in our Herb and Parmesan Crusted Mac and Cheese.

  • Mitica Genuine Parmigiano-Reggiano

    Emilia Romagna, Italy

    Mitica Parmigiano-Reggiano is a 100% raw cow’s milk cheese sourced only from specific breeds of cattle from the Reggio-Emilia, Modena, and Parma regions of Italy. Made without shortcuts, this cheese is aged for more than 24 months which produces a delicious flavor profile that’s a little salty, nutty, and savory. The weather, landscape, and milk from these regions of Italy all create a rich and complex taste that’s unbeatable.

  • Giusto’s

    South San Francisco, CA

    With humble beginnings as a small bakery, today Giusto’s has grown to provide hundreds of natural, organic, and conventional flour blends using only the finest quality wheats and grains. Their organic flours are milled from pesticide-free grain and are formulated to achieve the perfect consistency for baking. Bi-Rite’s baking team relies on Guisto’s to create our expansive menu of delectable desserts.

  • Guittard Chocolate Company

    Burlingame, CA

    Guittard Chocolate operates as the oldest, continuously family-owned chocolate company in the United States. On a mission to ‘cultivate better,’ Guittard sustainably sources and selects the finest cocoa to create a delicious, complex, flavorful chocolate that beautifully complements Bi-Rite’s recipes. As Guittard’s fifth generation continues the commitment to this promise, they remain focused on quality, craft, collaboration, and community.

    Guittard Chocolate Company

    Dsc 0318 1
  • Heritage Foods USA

    Brooklyn, NY

    Heritage Foods was founded in 2001 to preserve endangered species of livestock from extinction; a true heritage breed can be traced back prior to the advent of industrial farming, meaning they’re directly connected to the beginnings of agriculture 5000 years ago. Each Heritage Foods breed comes from a unique culinary tradition and boasts a different, wonderfully nuanced flavor. Heritage Foods farmers grow animals that are raised humanely, outdoors, on-pasture, and are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. These heritage breeds produce beautifully marbled, tender, juicy meat with nuanced taste and an incredible depth of flavor.

  • Pitman Family Farms

    Central Valley, CA

    Third-generation, family owned, and operated farm has been raising their turkeys free-range and without antibiotics since 1954. An excellent local option, we’re proud to offer Mary’s organic and non-GMO turkeys and chickens in the Markets and feature them on our Catering menu because they’re always full of delicious, traditional flavor.

  • Olli Salumeria

    Oceanside, CA

    Founder Oliviero (Olli) started with a strong background in curing meat after being born and raised in Rome in a family who ran a salumi business. To match the taste of salami Olli loved from his family’s Italian origins, he uses traditional curing techniques which focus on simple ingredients and time. Try Olli Salumeria Genoa Salami in our sandwich platters or snack boxes.

  • Coke Farms

    San Benito County, CA

    In 1980, Dale Coke started with a quarter-acre of strawberries and an interest in organic farming, and became one of the first certified organic farms in Central California a mere one year later. After their own farm’s success, Coke Farms began partnering with other local farms and farmers to help them bring their own certified organic products to market. Every season you’ll find a variety of fresh, delicious produce such as squash, greens, herbs, and more from this network of local farmers on our menu.

  • Covilli Organics

    Nogales, AZ

    Terry Poiriez, founder of Covilli Organics, is on a mission to sustainably grow high-quality organic vegetables while ensuring employee well-being. Practicing 100% regenerative agriculture and employing hundreds of workers, Covilli is certified organic and certified Fair Trade. Our partnership with Covilli allows us to offer staple warm-weather veggies year-round, such as beans, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes. And your support of us helps Covilli continue to offer its workers incomparable working conditions, schooling for children, access to healthcare, and to invest in projects to improve their communities such as student transportation and health clinics.

  • JSM Organics

    Royal Oaks, CA

    In 2012 Javier Zamora started JSM Organics, named after his mother Javier Sanchez Medina, with a trailer and small acre and a half of land through a lease subsidized by the Agriculture and Land Based Training Association. Today he’s expanded to more than 200 acres. Known for being innovative and compassionate, Javier is an incredible partner of ours, truly embodying our values of love, passion, and integrity. And the delicious organic berries he grows are something we anxiously await every berry season!

    JSM Organics

    Javier in a greenhouse smiling and sampling a golden berry in a JSM box
  • Lakeside Organics

    Watsonville, CA

    Dick Peixoto and his brother began farming green beans while in high school. Today, Dick personally walks the fields of his certified organic farm every day to check on their 50 different varietals, which includes broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, chicories, lettuces, and peppers (many of which are featured in our salads and side dishes). Being strong proponents for sustainability, Lakeside uses growing techniques like laser leveling, crop rotation, and beneficial insects that protect wildlife, promote biodiversity, and conserve water.

  • Jayleaf Organics

    Hollister, CA

    Known for being the “harvesters of California sunshine,” the Ornelas family at Jayleaf Organics grow high quality greens using their completely solar powered processing plant. Jayleaf is family-owned and operated, with the goal of producing the best tasting leafy greens possible with the highest levels of quality, safety, and customer service. And they’re rooted in family and community values, which makes us love them even more. Jayleaf’s employees receive benefits like completive pay, medical insurance, emergency loans, and referral bonuses.

  • Tomatero Farm

    Watsonville, CA

    Tomatero Farms was founded by Adriana Silvia whose Nicaraguan grandmother named the farm after the word for “tomato picker” in Spanish. Tomatero grows organic tomatoes, strawberries, and brassicas with a focus on increasing soil fertility due to their deep belief that good soil grows good produce.

  • Burkart Organics

    Dinuba, CA

    Family-owned and certified organic, Burkart was founded in 1965 by Grandma Burkart, who was growing organically before anyone knew what it meant. Over 50 years later, Burkart Organics still maintains the same integrity, love, and practices when it comes to their crops. They grow a variety of produce like persimmons, pomegranates, and peaches during their seasons, as well as offer fruit preserves and dried fruit year-round.

  • Balakian Family Farms

    Reedley, CA

    Founded in 1925, this tomato farm is now operated by fourth generation farmer, Amber Balakian. From expanding the varieties of produce grown on the farm to include heirloom tomatoes, to transitioning into organic practices in the 1990s, Balakian Farms seeks to grow the most beautiful and delicious tomatoes while practicing sustainability and waste minimization practices.

  • Masumoto Family Farms

    Del Rey, CA

    The Masumoto family purchased their first acre of land in 1948 after returning home from being unjustly incarcerated during World War II. Since then, the Masumoto family has established a farm known for growing juicy, organic stone fruits. Their famously delicious peaches are pleasantly aromatic, juicy, and brimming with sweetness – a guest favorite during stone fruit season and a critical ingredient in Bi-Rite Creamery’s Peach Cobbler ice cream.


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