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Chef Brandon Jew leans into the quality of ingredients for every dish he creates—and our new ice cream flavor showcases this. We can’t contain our excitement over this collaboration as we explored flavor complexities with special ingredients. Salted egg is grated into an extra rich, salty ice cream to create a custardy texture and then combined with a sweet, tart mulberry swirl for the ultimate sweet and salty satisfying treat. #ShowUsYourScoops


We’ve been long-time fans of Chef Brandon Jew, chef and owner of Mister Jiu’s, Moongate Lounge, and Mamahuhu. Many food enthusiasts flock to his restaurants to experience the delectable courses and his social, family-style approach to dining which has earned him a Michelin star and recognition as a two-time James Beard Award Winner.

Brandon has a plethora of training and experience under his chef’s hat but his strongest influences and mentors are here in the Bay Area—including his grandma. In his cookbook, Mister Jiu's in Chinatown: Recipes and Stories from the Birthplace of Chinese American Food, Brandon shares 90 recipes that intertwines his techniques originating in Chinatown, his own family traditions, and how food culture in this neighborhood changed American cuisine. He’s sought to evolve and challenge Chinese American fare in new ways including his recently updated prix fixe style menu at Mister Jiu’s to further explore Chinese banquet dining in a contemporary way. These experiences and combinations bring people together like a love language. Food as a love language? That’s every day at Bi-Rite!

With his creativity in melding unique flavors together, we were thrilled to collaborate with Brandon on the new Local Chefs series flavor. A particular ingredient that continues to grow in popularity is salted egg which is typically used as a grated topping for its savory, umami-forward notes. Kris cured our salted egg like salmon–in sugar and salt for a week–then grated it into an eggy, rich ice cream for extra little bursts of creamy, salty egg. To balance the custardy ice cream, Brandon was inspired by the medicinal qualities of food in Chinese medicine so he and Kris turned to mulberries. The sweet and tart qualities of the mulberry swirl is the unexpected pairing that makes this ice cream memorable.

Where to find Salted Egg & Mulberry Swirl: the ice cream is available at the Creamery in scoops and pints, at both Bi-Rite Market locations in pints, and available for delivery on Instacart.

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Rize Up Bakery feels we can change the world one beautiful loaf of bread at a time. And we were honored to collaborate with this Black-owned bakery to create a flavor inspired by Chef Azikiwee ‘Z’ Anderson’s favorite way to enjoy his sought-after ube sourdough. Dive into this ube sourdough ice cream with sweetened condensed milk, buttery sourdough breadcrumbs, and an ube jam swirl. Launched Summer 2023. Let us know if you’d like to have this flavor return!


The team at Good Good Culture Club and Liholiho Yacht Club enjoy sharing their #heritagedriven cooking with their guests. And we’re thrilled to collaborate with them on a new ice cream, featuring their favorite flavors of steeped fresh pandan leaves, with hints of coconut, almond, and vanilla, complemented by a bright mango curd swirl. Launched January 2023. If you’d like to see this flavor return, let us know!

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Meyer lemon and rosemary have been a constant on the celebrated State Bird Provisions menu, and we were excited to collaborate with Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza to combine those flavors with our ice cream. Scoop into this creamy Meyer lemon ice cream with its sweet, tart Meyer lemon curd swirl, and crunchy, savory rosemary seed crisp. Launched Fall 2022. If you’d like to see this flavor return, let us know!

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We collaborated with 2022 James Beard Awards Outstanding Chef finalist Reem Assil to combine her signature Knafeh with our ice cream. Dig your spoon into this Greek yogurt and cream cheese ice cream with an orange blossom and rose syrup, and delicate honey brittle with pistachios and phyllo. Launched Summer 2022. If you’d like to see this flavor return, let us know!


This limited edition series is a collaboration with Kris Hoogerhyde, Bi-Rite Creamery’s co-owner, and local chefs we’ve admired for ages not only for their incredible culinary skills, but because they too have dedicated their careers to Creating Community Through Food.®

Each flavor pairs the chefs’ unique culinary perspectives with Kris’ ice cream expertise to churn incredibly delicious, unique ice creams for your enjoyment. Follow us on Instagram to learn when the new flavors launch.