Meyer Lemon Rosemary Crumble

Meyer lemon and rosemary have been a constant on the celebrated State Bird Provisions menu, and we’re excited to collaborate with Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza to combine those flavors with our ice cream. Scoop into this creamy Meyer lemon ice cream with its sweet, tart Meyer lemon curd swirl, and crunchy, savory rosemary seed crisp. #StateBirdProvisions #ShowUsYourScoops

Partnering with Chef Nicole Krasinski

Partnering with Chef Nicole Krasinski

San Francisco’s beloved State Bird Provisions consistently finds itself at the top of every major list – with delicious reason. And the powerhouse couple behind the famed restaurant, Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, are credited with bringing an incredible new way of dining to the city. Something they did yet again when they opened The Progress and most recently The Anchovy Bar. All of which we’re incredibly grateful for. But what we especially love about the pair is their unwavering commitment to our community.

Our Collaboration

For years we’ve shared the kitchen with Stuart, Nicole, and their talented teams at many community fundraising dinners. It was during those dinners that Nicole and Kris first became friends, trading stories about their pastry and baking careers, and crafting desserts designed to help our nonprofit hosts raise maximum funds to fuel their meaningful work.

Naturally we couldn’t wait to collaborate with Nicole for our Local Chefs series. A quick conversation took us down the path of Meyer lemon and rosemary, two flavors Nicole has featured on her restaurants’ menus since the beginning. Kris first churned the Meyer lemon ice cream with a Meyer lemon curd swirl. Then, inspired by the crunchy bird seed topping found atop several dishes at their restaurants, Nicole and Kris added a crunchy, savory rosemary seed crisp with puffed quinoa to the ice cream for an incredibly flavorful texture.

Meyer Lemon Rosemary Crumble

Where to find Meyer Lemon Rosemary Crumble: the ice cream is available at the Creamery in scoops and pints, at both Bi-Rite Market locations and on Instacart in pints, and in a special dessert at The Progress.

Knafeh Collaboration

We collaborated with 2022 James Beard Awards Outstanding Chef finalist Reem Assil to combine her signature Knafeh with our ice cream. Dig your spoon into this Greek yogurt and cream cheese ice cream with an orange blossom and rose syrup, and delicate honey brittle with pistachios and phyllo.

Bi-Rite Creamery x Local Chefs

This new, limited-edition series is a collaboration with Kris Hoogerhyde, Bi-Rite Creamery’s co-owner, and local chefs we’ve admired for ages not only for their incredible culinary skills, but because they too have dedicated their careers to Creating Community Through Food.®


Each flavor will pair the chefs’ unique culinary perspectives with Kris’ ice cream expertise to churn incredibly delicious, unique ice creams for your enjoyment. Follow us on Instagram to learn when the new flavors launch.