Knafeh with Pistachio Phyllo Brittle

We collaborated with 2022 James Beard Awards Outstanding Chef finalist Reem Assil to combine her signature Knafeh with our ice cream. Dig your spoon into this Greek yogurt and cream cheese ice cream with an orange blossom and rose syrup, and delicate honey brittle with pistachios and phyllo. #FeeltheWarmth #ShowUsYourScoops

Partnering with Chef Reem Assil

Reem holding a cone of Knafeh Ice Cream outside of Bi-Rite Creamery

Partnering with Chef Reem Assil

About Reem Assil

A Palestinian-Syrian chef, Reem Assil was inspired by the moments of community people share when eating fresh warm bread at Arab street corner bakeries in Lebanon, and with a yearning to create a sense of home in the United States, she founded Reem’s California. Her vision was to offer a welcoming space with delicious food and jobs with livable wages.

Reem believes it’s not enough to simply serve good food. As a pioneer and leader in advocating for employment benefits and sustainable living wages, specifically for those in marginalized communities, baked into her business model are core values of community building, social justice, and sustainability.

Our Collaboration

With those shared values, we were thrilled to work with Chef Reem on our first collaboration flavor. And Knafeh, a signature dish at Reem’s California, and one she learned to make from her grandfather, was a natural choice for our flavor. This Middle Eastern dessert is made with sweet cheese encrusted with shredded phyllo and a rose and orange blossom syrup before being topped with pistachios. Kris and Reem worked to transform these bold, vibrant flavors into an ice cream.

Knafeh with Pistachio Phyllo Brittle

Where can you get Knafeh? The ice cream is available the Creamery in scoops and pints, at both Bi-Rite Market locations and on Instacart in pints, and at Reem’s California you can enjoy Reem’s revered Knafeh dessert à la mode (with Knafeh ice cream of course). And once you’ve fully fallen in love with Knafeh, try making it at home following Reem’s own recipe from her new cookbook, Arabiyya.

Bi-Rite Creamery x Local Chefs

This new, limited-edition series is a collaboration with Kris Hoogerhyde, Bi-Rite Creamery’s co-owner, and local chefs we’ve admired for ages not only for their incredible culinary skills, but because they too have decided their careers to Creating Community Through Food.®


Each flavor will pair the chefs’ unique culinary perspectives with Kris’ ice cream expertise to churn incredibly delicious, unique ice creams for your enjoyment. Follow us on Instagram to learn when the new flavors launch.