How To: Buy, Store, and Use Green Garlic

Everything you need to know about this tender, spring allium.

Heads of green garlic facing each other and artfully arranged
How to Buy:

Look for green garlic with bright, firm green leaves. Avoid those that are yellowing or slimy; they’re too old. For the mildest flavor, avoid any who’s root end has started to take on a bulbous shape (the round ones are usable but the flavor is more pungent).

How to Store:

Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. When ready to use, halve lengthwise and wash thoroughly between the layers, just as you would a leek.

How to Use:

Think of green garlic as a robust scallion or very mild garlic that’s taken on a different shape. That’s all you need to know in terms of how to use them. Use the entire stalk, from the white root to the end of the green tips.

Try throwing while stalks onto the grill and serving alongside grilled meats. Or slice and tuck under the skin of a chicken before you roast it. Use it in pesto, risotto, or as a ravioli filling.

To use as part of a dressing for new potatoes, whisk together sliced green garlic, olive oil, and some vinegar, then toss it with the just-drained boiled potatoes. The heat of the potatoes softens the pungency of the green garlic a bit and makes it more aromatic.