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The Women’s Building, located in the heart of the Mission District, is a woman-led community space that provides services and advocacy for women and girls, and affordable space for nonprofits and community members.

Twice a week, they setup a weekly food pantry for immigrant and low-income families in need, transforming the auditorium into a Farmer’s Market, offering visitors an opportunity to choose fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods, eggs, and bread.

You’ll help set up the food pantry, unboxing groceries, setting up stations, interact with participants, handing out food, helping bag the groceries, and breakdown the pantry and end of shift.

Time commitment 2-2.5 hours
Day(s) of week Thursdays
Time of day 8am-10:30am
Location 3543 18th Street, San Francisco
Languages Monolingual English and Spanish, Bilingual English/Spanish
Physical requirements Bending, standing, lifting up to 50lbs
Other Must be over the age of 18 or 16 with parent permission

Can volunteer solo or in a pair

Training Basic training is provided at beginning of shift
To register Send an email to Citlali Ramos ( to schedule a volunteer shift
What to expect during your shift You’ll be given basic training at the beginning and assigned specific tasks throughout your shift

You will be interacting directly with clients; expect to work directly with diverse populations. The food pantry’s goal is to decrease food insecurity with culturally appropriate food