Everyone is on a Food Journey

Everyone is on a Food Journey

18 Reasons was born from the same spirit that guides it today: community. Back in 2008, two neighbors on 18th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District were looking for someone to take over their office space, and Bi-Rite’s founding partner, Sam Mogannam jumped at the chance. He didn’t know then exactly what it would become but had long been looking for a physical space in which neighbors could gather and meet the producers who were feeding them, expanding upon the conversations about good food that were naturally happening in the market.

Ten years later, the intimate space has evolved into a vibrant nonprofit community cooking school that hosts classes and dinners every night of the week and runs a Cooking Matters program, which offers classes for free to low-income kids, teens and adults throughout the Bay Area.

Each year, more than 4,000 students visit 18 Reasons’ 18th Street classroom to experience the full range of culinary discovery. The organization hosts a variety of hands-on classes. Some classes focus on mastering basic skills while others transport students across the globe to learn about a specific ingredient or technique.

Connecting over good food is at the core of both Bi-Rite and 18 Reasons. Sam believes that many of the world’s problems could be solved if we spent more time cooking and sharing meals together. “When you take a class, volunteer or attend a community dinner at 18 Reasons, you open the door to connect with neighbors, discover something new about yourself and be vulnerable to others. That’s the power of community. That’s the power of love.”

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