Our Community Promise

When Bi-Rite Market re-opened in 1998 under Sam and Raph Mogannam’s leadership, we introduced our Community Values: Love. Passion. Integrity. While we added verbs back in 2019 (Lead with Love. Pursue with Passion. Act with Integrity.) these values have never been more relevant, or meaningful, as they are today.

Yet, every day our news is filled with grief and anguish as our community continues to be attacked by others. So we feel it’s necessary to be even more explicit.

We vehemently STAND AGAINST racism and will fight against all forms of oppression and hate, whether it’s implicit or explicit.

Inside our doors you will be safe, protected, and welcome. You will be seen, heard, and appreciated. And you will be loved. Always.

We all deserve kindness and respect. Please only enter our doors if you can have an open heart and treat all people with dignity.