Bi-Rite's Mission

Bi-Rite is on a lifelong pursuit of Creating Community Through Food. This mission is our north star and propels us every day. It guides our decisions, and the relationships we develop with our diverse and dynamic community of staff, guests, producers, neighbors, and the environment. To truly create our community, we have a responsibility to do right by everyone.


Lead with LOVE We value relationships – with the people we work with, the people who raise our food, and the people that we feed. We’re drawn to food because food brings people together. We exist to serve, and genuinely find pleasure in sharing food with our guests.

Pursue with PASSION Food is our life, and sharing it gives us energy. We recognize that knowledge is a two-way street, and that we can always be better. The more we learn, the more we want to know; we’re in a constant state of improvement.

Act with INTEGRITY We act conscientiously, always thinking about the impact of our decisions. We value and emphasize transparency – not just with the products and services we provide, but as a business through our actions, procedures, and protocols.

Bi-Rite's Service Mission

Today, more than ever, Bi-Rite believes that we need each other. That we all benefit from emotional connections and from being challenged by and learning from each other. So we work every day to preserve an atmosphere of genuine hospitality and deliver on the Bi-Rite service mission:

We care for each and every member of our community as a guest in our home. We serve seamlessly; we inspire; we surprise; we feed, and are fed.

Bi-Rite's Product Mission

We love good food! We’re obsessed with it actually. So we’re diligent about knowing where our food comes from and leveraging our product mission and our (40 page!) sourcing guidelines to affect positive change and ensure a vibrant food culture. Read more about our Product Mission here.

We cultivate genuine, dynamic relationships with the numerous and varied individuals responsible for our food. In the ever-evolving food landscape, we make educated decisions and push the boundaries of responsible sourcing. We inform our guests about the true cost of food and advocate a positive impact on our food system. By celebrating craft and heritage, we preserve diversity, traditions, and taste. As a result, our food is honest, memorable, and full of flavor!