How to: Buy, Store, and Use Rhubarb

Tips from Sam Mogannam on all things rhubarb.

How to Buy:

Because its leaves are poisonous, rhubarb is always sold sans foliage. Look for stalks that are firm and brightly hued, whatever the color (some stalks are all red, others nearly completely green).

How to Store:

Wrap the stalks in plastic and refrigerate for up to a week. For longer storage, you can also chop the stalks and freeze them in an airtight container.

How to Use:

When ready to use, trim and slice or chop the stalk as you would celery. When cooked, rhubarb disintegrates into a loose jammy consistency, which makes it a good addition to compote, chutney, or jam recipes. Or you can cook it down with nothing more than sugar and lemon zest; the sweet-tart puree pairs nicely with ice cream or cake and whipped cream to make a trifle. Frozen, the puree makes a delicious and palate-cleansing sorbet. Rhubarb goes well with everything from strawberries and apples to ginger and black pepper.

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