Counting the Number of Bites

How to plan the right amount of food for your event.

Once you know your guest list size and what type of event you’re hosting, whether it’s appetizers only, a full meal, or anything in between, you can plan the menu.

We like to think about the menu in terms of bites – how many bites (aka servings) per person.

3-5 bites per person is a great place to start for events such as morning breaks, afternoon snack time, or light appetizers.

5-7 bites per person is ideal for more satiating moments such as happy hours.

10-12 bites per person would be good for a breakfast or lunch event, while we recommend planning 15 bites per person for an evening event, especially if alcohol is included on the menu.

Once you’ve calculated the total number of bites, you can select the Bi-Rite platter sizes and quantities appropriate for your event.

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