How to repurpose leftover food.

We’re committed to being a Zero Waste company and think it’s amazing when our clients and guests take steps to minimize their waste too! When you’re planning an event or meeting, we encourage you to have a plan for any leftover food. A few suggestions:

  • Provide compostable or reusable containers for guests to package food to take with them.
  • Work with local nonprofit feeding organizations, such as San Francisco’s Food Runners who will pick up the food and deliver it to various locations throughout the City
  • For food from private events in your home, Food Runners provides a list of San Francisco locations you can drop food off at directly


If you’d like to enjoy the leftovers on another day, one of our favorites is to turn them into a bowl such as Skuna Salmon over quinoa or bulgur, Sesame Glazed Hodo Soy Tofu with farro, or Ancho Chili Chicken Skewers with brown rice and Rancho Gordo black beans. Other popular ideas are to repurpose the food into burritos, sandwiches, and frittatas.

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