Keep it Pretty

A few ways to keep your buffet appetizing for the whole event.

Hosting a buffet event? Then you know keeping the food and table appealing is an important part of ensuring your guests, even those who arrive to the table late, are happy. A few easy ways to keep things fresh are:

  • Consolidate items such as sandwiches as food is diminished, removing the empty platters
  • Bring the bowls and platters from the perimeter of the table to the center as you consolidate so guests see a lot of delicious food rather than empty space
  • Refresh salads by giving them a toss in the bowl
  • Wipe splatters up from the table and inside bowls
  • Replace messy plates or bowls used for serving utensils
  • Add or rearrange greenery, flowers, and other props to fill the table and create visual interest

And don’t forget about planning where guests should put their used dishes or discarded food. Keeping it away from the buffet table helps avoid crowding, grazing, and keeps the table looking appealing.

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