It’s all in the Details

Consider replating food on your own serving dishes to match your event theme/décor.

Fun fact: most of Bi-Rite’s catering menu is designed to be served at room temperature. An added benefit of this is you won’t have to worry about needing extra chafing dishes to keep things hot, or ice baths to keep it cold. Instead you can spend time thinking about other creative ways to design your buffet.

A few of our favorite replating tips:

  • Get creative on your tablescape with serving dishes mixing in different textures, colors, and sizes.
  • Try using non-traditional vessels such as a small French Press for salad dressings, or a colander (left plan or lined with parchment or a cloth napkin) for whole fruit or scones.
  • If your serving dishes are smaller or table space is shorter, you can simply refresh the food throughout the event (which has an added bonus of making things look fresh and appealing). Tip: we recommend checking the table every 30 minutes to check in on the food.
  • Include at least one spoon, set of tongs, or other serving utensil per menu item.
  • Space items out so guests can easily grab bites with tongs and set their own dishes down on the table while they serve themselves, if needed.
  • Slate and low-profile platters are great for sandwiches or composed bites such as Tuna Tartare in Cucumber Cups because they’re flat and easy to grab off of.
  • Cutting boards are incredibly versatile for cheese, charcuterie, flatbreads, cookies, and more. Get creative by looking through your space for different surfaces to use.
  • Salads look especially beautiful in personal-sized stemless martini glasses.
  • Mason jars are fun way to display utensils, bamboo straws, or coffee stir sticks, and of course are wonderful when serving colorful beverages.
  • Create different heights on the table to create efficiency: cake stands, wood blocks, books, or even inverted bowls can be used to elevate dishes.
  • Tie dessert spoons with twine directly around jarred desserts.

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