The Clock’s Ticking

Tips to ensure food stays safe.

If you’re serving a buffet, setting up for a meeting break, or any other situation when food will be left out for a period of time, it’s important to keep food safety top of mind. A significant benefit of crafting a menu intended to be enjoyed at room temperature, like most dishes Bi-Rite offers, is the variability of temperature won’t impact the flavor of your dish or your guests’ safety.

Avoid the Danger Zone. Cold food needs to remain below 40 degrees F and hot food needs to be above 135 degrees. Anything in between is known as the Danger Zone where bacteria is more likely to develop.

Four hours is the maximum. Foods held at temperatures above 40 degrees, or below 135 degrees, for more than four cumulative hours should be discarded rather than consumed.

Watch the clock. When ordering Catering delivery, plan the delivery time based on when your guests will be eating and what you ordered. Hot food items must be consumed within one hour of delivery or kept at temperature for no more than four hours. Cold and room temperature items should be consumed or refrigerated within three hours of delivery.

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